Here I am with Fuse-san (Mr. Fuse) of Daiwa Bank in my office in downtown Tokyo, which was near the Imperial Palace.

I lived in Tokyo, Japan for 2 years while serving as the Tokyo Representative of Republic National Bank of Dallas. In that capacity, I represented the Bank in dealings with companies, banks and governmental agencies in Japan and Korea.  It was a fascinating experience.  I was able to use my training in economics to analyze the Japanese and Korean economies and provide country study reports to the headquarters in Dallas.


Here I am in Tokyo with Koyama-san (Mr. Koyama) of Tokai Bank.  He had spent 9 months in Dallas learning American banking at Republic National Bank.

While in Tokyo, I also studied conversational Japanese.  I was surprised to learn that Japanese words are pronounced (not written) in a similar way to Spanish words.  Having studied Spanish in high school and college, I was able to pronounce the Japanese words that I learned in a way that could be understood by the Japanese people.

Although living in Japan was exciting, I was excited to return to Texas to attend Baylor Law School.

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