The Country Lawyer at work.

While serving as County Attorney, I had a law office in Elkhart, Texas, which had a population of 1,700.

After living in Palestine for 5 1/2 years, the local economy collapsed due to the decline in the oil exploration and production and Alcoa's closing of its plant.  I moved to and have lived in Tarrant County, Texas (Fort Worth and Arlington) since then.


Anderson County Courthouse - Palestine, Texas

After graduating from Baylor Law School, I moved to Palestine, Texas, which had a population of about 18,000.   As a country lawyer, I handled a variety of legal matters and learned how to practice law.  I represented parties in real estate transactions, corporate transactions, family law matters and even some criminal matters as appointed counsel.  I handled a variety of cases involved in litigation, including deceptive trade practices, fraud, breach of contract, trespass to try title, and wrongful death.  I successfully defended the Palestine Herald Press in a libel suit filed by the then mayor of Palestine.

Serving as the Anderson County Attorney, I prosecuted misdemeanor and juvenile criminal cases and represented Anderson County in civil cases. I also handled the prosecution of involuntary mental commitments.  I was the legal adviser to  the Anderson County Commissioners Court .

Texas Lawyer