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My name is Gaddy Wells.  I live in Arlington, Texas and practice law in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with the firm of Downs & Stanford, P.C.

Although people often think that Gaddy is a nickname, it is my real name.  It is a Scottish surname and was my grandmother’s maiden name.

I attended Texas A&M University on a football scholarship and played four years.  My team won the Southwest Conference Champion- ship and beat Alabama in the Cotton Bowl.  I was in the Corps of Cadets and received a commission as a second lieutenant in the Army Reserve upon graduation. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Science degree in Economics.

After completing my degrees at Texas A&M, I served on active duty as an artillery officer in the Army.  Upon discharge, I joined Republic National Bank of Dallas. Upon completion of the Loan Officer Training Program, I joined International Division and was later sent to Tokyo, Japan as the Bank’s Representative covering Japan and Korea for two years.

I left the Bank to attend Baylor Law School. I was an Associate Editor of the Baylor Law Review, which published three of my student comments. I had the third highest grade on the Texas bar examination.

After graduation from law school, I practiced law for 5 ½ years in Palestine and Elkhart, Texas.  As a real country lawyer, I handled diverse types of legal matters - lawsuits, real estate transactions, corporate and commercial transactions. I was honored to be elected and serve as the Anderson County Attorney.

I later moved to Fort Worth to work as a commercial banker for 7 years and  experienced the devastation of the Texas banking industry in the 1980s. In 1990, I returned to practicing law and have been helping people resolve complex legal problems ever since.

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